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Cooled High Resolution Intensified Digital CCD camera

The CoolView IDI series features a high resolution megapixel pixel CCD fibre optically coupled to a specially-developed high resolution image intensifier.

The spectral response can be optimized for red, green or blue light down to UV peak response. The intensifier offers luminous gain in excess of 4,000:1 with very fast shuttering options down to 5ns with 10KHz repetition rate should the camera be synchronized with high duty cycle ultra fast lasers.

The camera can be used for two dimensional imaging of plasma / combustion chambers as well as for spectroscopic applications where the camera can sustain fast one dimensional line scan acquisition rate as well as 2 dimensional imaging for standard spectroscopy applications and Echelle spectrographs respectively where megapixel resolution is required.

A choice of industry standard camera interface: FireWire A, Camera Link and GigE are available for each camera.

Up to 16 cameras can be synchronized together in order to deliver an ultra fast sequence by carefully adjusting the delay on the image intensifiers.

Cooled High resolution Intensified digital CCD camera
Cooled High Resolution Intensified Digital CCD camera

Real Time Photon Counting Intensified CCD camera

The ISIS-4 is an ultra-high gain intensified CCD camera with a double micro-channel plate image intensifier, allowing photon-counting efficiency and ultimate sensitivity.

The image intensifier features an extremely low noise photocathode with optimized alkaline content. The resulting Equivalent Background Illumination leads to extremely faint detection limits down to single photon detection.

The luminous gain in excess of 300.000 delivered by the dual Micro Channel plate stack lifts the signal of single photon far above the noise of the CCD sensor. The latter is read out at 50Hz, and allows simple hardware integration up to hours if necessary without the need of deep cooling.

The special technique of centroiding permits accurate signal registration down to sub pixel accuracy.

Optimised electro-optical coupling produces signal to noise ratio comparable to that achieved with standard GaAs (‘third generation’) photocathodes or cryogenically cooled back illuminated CCDs.

intensified ccd camera ISIS4
Real Time Photon Counting Intensified CCD camera

Intensified Fast CMOS camera

The ISIS-4/1000 is designed for very fast imaging applications and uses CMOS read-out electronics to provide >1000 frames per second.

The ISIS-4/1000 delivers fast frame rate and high sensitivity thanks to efficient fibre optic coupling between a high resolution fast frame rate megapixel CMOS sensor and a hybrid double stage intensifier.

The intensifier allows fast shuttering options down to nanosecond range whilst recording sequences onto large on board memory buffers at 500 frames per second with megapixel resolution.

The intensifier, combined with manual gain control can be used in a variety of light levels from near photon counting to fast dynamic imaging at higher light levels.

The camera system can record sequences onto a predefined region of interest (ROI) in order to reach an acquisition rate 1000 fps at VGA resolution and 4,000 fps on a 1280x128 ROI.

It is provided with a frame grabber PC, software, and intensifier control unit to provide a complete integrated imaging solution.


3D reconstruction of bonds on IC 1 micron W source, 100 kV, 120 ?A
Intensified Fast CMOS camera

Intensified Video Rate CCD camera

The ISIS-3 is an intensified camera with the latest low noise, high resolution gated intensifier technology.

The ISIS-3 integrates a special image intensifier featuring a high quantum efficiency photocathode with a high resolution Micro Channel Plate and a very fine phosphor screen for delivering optimum MTF response and extended spatial resolution.

The fibre optic coupling between the intensifier to the CCD preserves the sensitivity as well as the excellent image quality delivered by the image intensifier.

The CCD works at 25 frames per second. CCIR or EIA TV standard, it is compatible with standard video acquisition systems used for star trackers and other applications seeking live sensitivity with long recording periods.

The intensifier offers luminous gain up to 8,000:1 for near single photon sensitivity, it can be remotely controlled via a touch pad controller 100 meter away from the experimental set up. Fast shuttering options down to 5ns with 30KHz repetition rate can be achieved should the camera be synchronized with high duty cycle lasers.

intensified ccd camera - Reflectometry, thin film analysis
Intensified Video Rate CCD camera

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