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Cooled sCMOS OEM module
Cooled sCMOS OEM module

More than 28 years experience in designing innovative high sensitivity low noise imaging solutions for OEMs. Our technology is based around cooled CCD, Intensified CCD/CMOS cameras and more recently InGaAs & sCMOS cameras.

The experience acquired in multiple application domains in industry / scientific domains allows us to understand client needs in the spectral range X-ray, Extreme UV, Visible, NIR to Short Wave Infra Red.
We deliver an appropriate camera solution with selected components from concept, prototyping to volume manufacturing including complete turnkey solutions involving cameras / illumination source / optics / environmental housing and software.

Camera design capabilities

  • Sensors supported: cooled CCD, EMCCD, CMOS, sCMOS, image intensifier, InGaAs, X-ray CCD, X-ray CMOS and Intensified Neutron.
  • Fibre optic coupling to large area CCD and sCMOS / CMOS sensors
  • Mosaic fibre optic tiling
  • Scintillator / coating deposition
  • Low noise analogue proximity electronics including remote head design
  • Digital processing / programming using latest generation FPGAs
  • GENICAM compliant interface, Camera Link interface
  • Intensifier fast gating and gain management
  • Environmental testing (shock, vibration, temperature cycling)
  • Customized firmware for application specific development
  • Mechanical and optical design made to OEM specifications
  • Size, weight, power and cost optimization
  • RoHS / ESD / ISO compliance
  • MilSpec standard compliance
  • extension warranty available

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System design capabilities

  • Complete turnkey solutions for crystal orientation, X-ray micro radiography and X-ray microCT, as well as for semiconductor inspection: solar cell / solar module and IC photoluminescence inspection tool
  • Multi spectral platform: i.e. InGaAs and sCMOS, colour and Intensified
  • Multi camera platform, up to 16 cameras: allows wider field of view coverage up to 360 degrees.
  • Integrated optics and zooming control
  • Laser illumination, specific wavelength design, optional range gating
  • Source control / conditioning / ramp up management
  • High precision stage / filter wheel control
  • Software management for operating multiple cameras
  • Remote camera control using socket commands

Cooled InGaAs / SWIR OEM module
Cooled InGaAs / SWIR OEM module

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